Solids are going very well! Charlie happily finished 1 tb of rice cereal mixed with 2 1/2 tb of breastmilk on days 2 and 3. I found that using 4tb of milk like the Happy Bellies container suggests makes way too much, and makes the cereal too runny.

Charlie likes to grab the spoon.

Since three days of rice cereal went well, today we made butternut squash. We boiled half a squash (though roasting it retains the flavor better), then pureed it in the Beaba Babycook (bought secondhand). It made 6 one ounce servings.

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Charlie only ate half a serving, but he’s getting used to the new taste and texture. I think he’ll probably eat more on the second day of squash like he did with rice cereal.

Eating solids is a messy endeavor. Somehow it even ends up in his nose.



Two things have happened to Charlie’s poop since he started solids:

1) He used to poop every 2-3 days. Now with the probiotics in the rice cereal, he poops everyday… sometimes twice a day.

2) His poop consistency is thicker like the solids he’s consuming, and it’s smellier.

But yay I’m so glad Charlie likes solids! This weekend we try carrots!