Coming up with the first generation of icons was tough!  We tossed around doing astrological signs, signs of the Chinese zodiac, and cities, but they didn’t have a huge connection to babies or parenting.  At the same time we didn’t want to do anything too cliche like baby items (rattle, bib, onesie, etc.).  Finally Mr. Bee came up with the idea to do children’s games, and I thought it was just perfect.

Our creative director Minhee shall be known as Mrs. Hula Hoop, but the other 9 icons are up for grabs!  So what are you waiting for?  Apply to be Mrs. Jump Rope, Marbles, Tic Tac Toe, Yo Yo, Hopscotch, Jacks, Cat’s Cradle, Hide and Seek or Checkers today!

Which icon is your favorite?  What was your favorite childhood game?