We first introduced Charlie to Elmo through Youtube, and soon he was singing Elmo’s Song and asking us to play it all the time.  I don’t know what it is about Elmo, but every kid seems to love him, and Charlie was no exception.  Inevitably, our house soon filled up with Elmo gear.  These are some of his favorites!


1. Elmo Live – We have a regular Elmo plush doll, but I’ve been coveting Elmo Live for some time.  He sings!  He dances!  He’s the most life-like Elmo ever.  But he’s sold out everywhere and I can’t justify paying over $100 for it!  For now Charlie loves his Elmo doll and likes to feed him with his spoon.

2. Elmo Rolling Backpack – When Minhee (our creative director) and her son came over with a rolling backpack, I knew that I had to get one for Charlie since he was starting daycare.  Since Charlie likes anything on wheels, I thought a rolling backpack would be a lot more fun for him than a traditional one he would wear on his back.  Now Charlie says Elmo any time he sees someone pulling a rolling backpack.

3. Elmo Fork and Spoon – Eating is a lot more fun with these Elmo utensils.  The only problem is that Charlie knows that they’re a set, so he always wants to hold both!

4. Elmo’s Favorite Places Board Book – Charlie loves interactive books and this book has so many flaps to open!

5. Stride Rite Elmo Shoes – Charlie has been obsessed with shoes since before he could walk, and that obsession has not waned in the slightest.  So when I saw these Elmo shoes I knew I had to get them.  They’re understatedly Elmo and the velcro tabs are actually Elmo’s arms hugging the shoe!

6. Elmo t-shirt – What Elmo lover’s collection is complete without an Elmo t-shirt?  Charlie’s closest friend at daycare was wearing the exact same shirt and they were pointing at Elmo’s nose and laughing.

7. Elmo’s World – First Flap Book Library – Charlie love, love, loves these Baby Einstein individual Alphabooks and has played with them almost daily since he received them for his first birthday.  He likes that the books are small and that they come in a box.  This Elmo set is similar and Charlie loves reading them and taking them out and putting them back in their little carrying case.

8. Fisher Price Hide Inside Bath Friends – These are too difficult for Charlie to open and put back together on his own, but they’re a great bath toy that we play with every night.  They taught Charlie how to say his first four syllable word – Cookie Monster!

9. Fisher Price Tummy Time Pals – Charlie likes to lay these down and say, “Sit.”

Does your child have a favorite character?