I’m getting bigger and bigger, but I’m so much more comfortable with this second pregnancy because I gained a lot less weight than I did with Charlie. I gained 18 pounds at my doctor’s appointment last week, and I’m hoping I can keep it under 25.

I worked out with a trainer three times a week until my 8th month of pregnancy when I was pregnant with Charlie, and I don’t feel like I particularly pigged out, but I still put on 45 pounds.  I haven’t exercised at all this time around, but maybe chasing an active toddler is keeping my weight down.  If there’s one tip I can give you about being pregnant, it’s to not gain a lot of weight… that’s been the single biggest factor in my comfort level.  At 33 weeks along with Charlie, I was sooooo uncomfortable it was hard to breathe. This pregnancy has been a lot easier because I’ve had less backaches, less heartburn, less insomnia, less bloating (I can still wear my rings and I couldn’t with Charlie) and less waddling.  I also didn’t develop a linea negra this time — I wonder if that has any correlation with weight gain.  And this baby is 100x more active than Charlie ever was.  Since Charlie was a pretty big baby, maybe she has a little more room to move around?

I’m going to have to start taking belly shots more frequently (they’re a pain because I have to set up the tripod every time and get the angle just right), because my belly is going to drop in the coming weeks, and you can really see it in pictures.

Yikes only 7 weeks to go!