You may have noticed that it says apple seed under your username when you comment on the boards.  Once you comment 5 times, you’ll level up to a pea, coffee bean, olive, and so forth.  I liked the idea of using fruits for the bee levels because it’s obvious that the larger the fruit, the higher your bee level.

The wonderful pumpkin is the highest level, and though it’s the only vegetable on this list, there’s a story behind why a pumpkin and why it’s wonderful.  The Wonderful Pumpkin by Lennart Hellsing was one of my favorite childhood books.  The story of two bears who travel the world inside a magic pumpkin must have resonated with my adventure loving self, even at the youngest of ages.  My brother and I checked out The Wonderful Pumpkin from the library over and over again, and when I was pregnant with Charlie, it was the very first book that I purchased for him.  He’s still a little too young to enjoy the story, but I hope that it becomes a childhood favorite for him as it was for me.

Another reason why I liked pumpkin as the highest level is my birthday is on October 30th so Halloween has always been one of my most favorite holidays, and baby bee #2 is going to be born via c-section on Halloween!  So you could say that the pumpkin has a special place in my life.

Who will be the first wonderful pumpkin?  I’m going to have to come up with a wonderful prize for that person!

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