Charlie had jaundice shortly after he was born, so we had to supplement with formula during the first couple days of his life.  Because I also had a lot of problems breastfeeding, I had a lot of concerns about my supply.  I met with a lactation consultant (who was very helpful), pumped like a maniac, and worked relentlessly to increase my milk supply.  I tried most of these techniques below, but what was most effective for me was to take More Milk Plus (the alchol-free version because the alcohol version tastes like crap).  I eventually went from pumping 2-3oz/ session to 5-12 oz/session depending on the time of day and when I last nursed.  Now I recommend More Milk Plus to all my friends who struggle with supply, or see a dip in their supply once they return to work or get their period.

It's very important to protect your milk supply in those early weeks when your supply is being established, so if you're trying to conceive or are pregnant now, I hope you keep this filed in the back of your mind.

Did you do anything to increase your milk supply?