Because Charlie had three different caretakers — me, Mr. Bee, and our nanny — it was really helpful to have a written schedule of when he ate, slept, pooped, and peed that all of us could easily access.  So I created a form in Excel, made copies, had it bound into a book and all three of us filled it in daily beyond Charlie’s first birthday.  We didn’t need to keep records for that long, but after awhile it just became a habit.  Now I’m glad that we have such great records regarding Charlie’s eating and sleeping so I can reference them when baby bee #2 comes home.  I also love to give these books as gifts for my pregnant friends!

Minhee made it all pretty and designed it in two different colors for you!  Click here for the yellow printable pdf, and here for the gray printable pdf.

If you’re old school and want my original Excel template, you can download that here.  Each sheet allows you to fill in two days’ worth of records in this version.  Just don’t bag on my nonexistent Excel skills if anything looks funky. :-)  I’ve filled it in with some sample text so you can see how it works.

Did you keep a daily schedule for your baby?