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Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween costumes that are a little bit different.  For example, one year I dressed in all gold, carried a pickaxe, and a burlap sack full of gold nuggets. What was I?  A gold digger of course! This year we had a little too much going on with baby Olive’s early arrival, so I […]

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Toddler Tantrums

Charlie has been really difficult the past couple of weeks.  Up until recently, he rarely threw tantrums and when he did, they were usually mild and we were able to easily distract him.  But he’s thrown some epic tantrums lately for seemingly no reason, and I’m left wondering what happened to my sweet little boy? […]

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Childproof iPad 2 Cases

Charlie was first introduced to the iPad when he was around 6 months old.  We accidentally cracked the screen on that iPad, and it cost as much to repair it as it did to replace it. Charlie is usually very good about handling the iPad, but you can never be too safe!  Here is our […]

Old Wives’ Tales

Koreans, like many Asians in general, are very superstitious.  They have old wives’ tales for just about anything, and postpartum care is no exception. Koreans believe that your body is very vulnerable after you give birth, and problems you develop post labor can persist for the rest of your life. That’s why you shouldn’t leave […]


Birth Control Options

I have a postpartum checkup with my OB coming up, and we’ll probably talk about my birth control options at that appointment.  My mom got her tubes tied when my brother and I were small children (she never wanted more than 2 kids), and she suggested that I get my tubes tied too when I was […]


Mini Style

Anthropologie recently launched a children’s line!  The price points are a little rich for my blood because I’m pretty cheap when it comes to children’s clothes since they outgrow them so fast.  But they do have some adorable pieces in the collection! I need to buy some more winter clothes for Charlie, so I thought […]

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The Ultimate Baby Registry: Bathing and Changing

These are some of my favorite products for bathing and changing Charlie: 1) Diaper Pail – We actually used the Baby Trend Diaper Champ with Charlie because it didn’t require special bags like most other diaper pails.  But once he started eating chunky solids, the diaper pail smelled horrible because it held so much we […]

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