I shared my 5 part saga of getting pregnant with Charlie, so I thought I’d share how I got pregnant with Olive!

I’ve always been obsessed with child spacing and wanted two kids, two years apart because of how close I am with my 14 1/2 months younger brother. My friends with siblings who had age gaps larger than 2 years tended not to be as close until they were much older. But I think having kids 3 years apart is a lot easier than having kids 2 years apart for parents.  3 year olds can communicate effectively. They’re potty trained. They’re in preschool so you only have one young child at home.  And they’re a lot more mature than 2 year olds. So after having Charlie and seeing how difficult it was just raising one kid, our plan was to have two kids, 3 years apart.

At the beginning of this year, I randomly realized that even if we had kids that were only 25 months apart in age, they’d still be 3 grades apart since Charlie was born in December. I kept this thought in the back of my mind, with no plans of trying to conceive any time soon.

Fast forward to February 2011. We had just moved to a new apartment, and I couldn’t find my birth control. The news was also filled with stories about babies conceived around February 14th could be born on 11/11/11. So when we couldn’t find the birth control, considered the possibility of an 11/11/11 baby, and realized that this was our only shot at having 2 kids, 2 years apart, we went for it. If I didn’t get pregnant that month, we were going to wait another year. Had we been able to find the birth control, we probably wouldn’t have started trying to conceive until 2012. Call it crazy, but it was just something we decided in the moment.

When my period was supposed to start 2 weeks later, I took a home pregnancy test not because I thought I was pregnant, but so I could go out and drink with my friends (being the model mom that I am of course). I expected that I’d get a negative test and that we’d be back on our two kids, three years apart track. But of course much to my shock, the test was positive!

When I told friends that I was pregnant, they often asked me whether we were actively trying, or whether it was an “accident.” I guess a lot of second pregnancies happen by accident, perhaps because you’re not so anxious about trying to conceive like you are the first time around.  A friend of mine who conceived her first child through IVF got pregnant with her second child within three months of not trying/not preventing.  Another friend of mine who conceived her first through Clomid got pregnant with her second child by accident when she didn’t use birth control once.  And after all that trouble we had trying to conceive Charlie, we got pregnant on the first try this fourth time around.  I’m sure it was easier because there was no pressure.  If we got pregnant, I’d be happy.  If we didn’t, I’d be ok with that too.

Deciding to have #2 may have been something we decided in the moment, but one thing Mr. Bee and I definitely agree on is that we’re done after 2!

Did you have an easier time conceiving baby #2?