I love Halloween costumes that are a little bit different.  For example, one year I dressed in all gold, carried a pickaxe, and a burlap sack full of gold nuggets. What was I?  A gold digger of course!

This year we had a little too much going on with baby Olive's early arrival, so I didn't come up with a fun costume for Charlie.  But I thought I'd share some pictures from his costume last year as the Pillsbury Doughboy!  Kids thought Charlie was a chef, while their parents told them that he was the Pillsbury Doughboy, but overall his costume was a big hit!

Mr. Bee pokes Charlie’s stomach to get him to say, "Hee hee!"

Checking the refrigerator and cupboards for ingredients....

It got a little too hot in Charlie's mini kitchen so he took his clothes off and became the Naked Chef.

Charlie was 10 months old and though he had no idea what Halloween was, he held onto his little jack o lantern all by himself the entire time!

Stopping for a break to check out his loot, Charlie says, "I predict many embarrassing Halloweens in my future..."

Charlie loved the blow pops -- particularly the lemonade flavored one!

This costume was really easy to put together.  I purchased a white sweater, white pants, a kids’ chef hat (which I had altered), a neckerchief made out of a dinner napkin, and the Pillsbury logo (which I ended up sticking on the hat instead of ironing it on because of procrastination related complications).

This is probably the last year that Charlie will let me pick his costume.  He's going as Elmo this year because we received a costume for free.  Next year he'll probably want to be a superhero.  Ah they grow up so fast.

Will your LO be dressing up this Halloween?