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Washing Cloth Diapers

Emily of Oh! Apostrophe is back with Part 2 of her cloth diapering series. Check out Part 1 here! ~~~ As promised, a post describing how we get our cloth diapers so fresh and so clean. If you ask twenty people how they wash their diapers, you are going to get twenty different answers. It’s […]


Mrs. Bee’s Favorite Cleaning Products

When my cat Sparky got cancer almost 4 years ago, I became very conscious of the cleaning products I was using because she’d walk on the floors and then lick her paws. Now that I’m a parent, I’m even more conscious of the cleaning products I use because everything goes into babies’ mouths! I’ve tried […]

Flashback: Loss One

This post was originally written on May 24, 2007. “Your pregnancy has implanted in a dangerous place.” When the doctor said those unexpected words to us, my world came to a freezing halt. Her sympathetic and troubled face told me that there was nothing good to be done. She went on to explain what was […]

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Mrs. Kim

When Mr. Bee and I got our marriage license, I chose to keep my last name. I’ve always liked my last name even though it’s extremely common – 20% of all Koreans have the last name Kim! But it reflected my ethnic heritage, and anyone familiar with Korean culture knew that I was Korean simply […]

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Traveling with Children

Before we took Charlie on his first long flight, I did a ton of research on tips for traveling with children. Though there was a little crying involved (due to both our flights being delayed), overall our first trip was a big success. Since we timed our flights with Charlie’s bedtime, we didn’t need too […]

Anatomy of a Name

Before we even started TTC, Papa Marbles and I already had a list of names we liked. For a girl, we had always liked Zoe and Sophie. For a boy, it was harder, but we liked Casper and Milo. When we finally got pregnant, reality struck, and we knew we had to commit to a […]


Mama Hide and Seek!

Please welcome our latest blogger to join the hive, Mama Hide and Seek! ~~~ Hello to the Bee Hive! I’m so excited to be here! I’m Mrs. Hide and Seek; it’s a pleasure to meet you! I live in New England with Mr. Hide and Seek (Mr. H&S)  and our daughter Little H&S. She recently […]

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