Charlie turns 2 next month, and then Christmas is shortly after that, so I’ve been thinking about gift ideas for him.  Since he’s much more aware of possessions now, as well as going through a huge “mine” phase, I haven’t bought him any toys in a while. Lately we spend most of our time together reading books and drawing anyway, so we’ll probably only get him one small thing for his birthday, and another for Christmas since it’ll be the first year he has a tree!

These are some of our gift ideas for 2nd birthdays!


1) Prince Lionheart Wheelie – Children love ride on toys — Charlie even tries to ride any of his toys that have wheels and are big enough for him to sit on. These adorable bug themed toys would be a big hit for the 2+ crowd.

2) Rainboots – I don’t know what it is about rainboots, but toddlers love them! Charlie has a pair of Thomas the train rainboots from Western Chief that he adores (the sizing tends to run a little big). Kidorable (pictured above) and Hatley also make lots of cute options that have matching umbrellas and raincoats.

3) Thomas the train – Every kid this age loves trains. A train table, tracks, trains and accessories is the ultimate splurge gift!

4) Minikick Scooter – Though the suggested age is 3 and up, most 2 year olds I’ve seen at the playground are able to ride the Minikick. Just be sure to get a helmet too!

5) Umbrella – Charlie is obsessed with his umbrella, and I love to give them as gifts for 2 year olds. Hatley makes the most adorable ones that come in a ton of fun patterns.

6) Legos – Legos are always a popular gift, and you can never have too many! You may want to start off with Megabloks which are larger and easier for smaller hands to handle.

7) Leapfrog Fridge Phonics – This is a great toy that helps your child learn the alphabet because children love magnets.

8) Guitar – Every 2 year old I know loves guitars, so I’ve given several as gifts.

9) My Big Book of Stickers – Charlie has this book and it can keep him entertained for long periods of time.  Unfortunately his favorite activity is putting the stickers on me! This is also great for a plane ride.

10) Harmonica – Charlie loves his harmonica, and I just purchased one for his friend’s birthday.

11) Baby doll – We bought Charlie this Corolle doll and milk+juice set to prepare him for Olive.  He loves feeding his baby doll milk.  2 is a great age when children start playing with dolls.

12) Melissa & Doug Cutting Food –  This play food is held together with velcro, and kids can cut the food into pieces with a wooden knife. Every 2 year old loves this toy!

13) Easel + art supplies – Charlie loves loves loves drawing with crayons, pens, markers, paint, anything! He wasn’t able to play with art supplies until he was 18 months old because he would eat them. Now that he’s a little bit older, he loves drawing with art supplies of all kind!

14) Cars/Trucks – Most toddlers love cars and moving vehicles of any kind. Charlie tries to ride this Green Toys dump truck and fill it with other cars!

15) Personalized Stool – Toddlers can use this to reach the sink, and it teaches them how to spell their name.  I really love this gift for kids 2+.

16) Slide – All kids love slides and if you have the space for one, this is one toy that every kid will play with!

17) Dress up clothes – I thought Charlie was a little too young to engage in dress-up, but he loves playing dress up at daycare with all his little friends.

18) Play Kitchen – Charlie has had this play kitchen since he was 9 months old, and he still plays with it all the time. It’s really a toy that has a very long life and encourages imaginative play.

19) Watch – Though it’ll be a while before Charlie is able to tell time, I’ve wanted to buy him a watch for awhile because he’s obsessed with my watch every time I wear one. I love to give watches as gifts to kids 2+ as well.

20) Rody the horse – This blow-up bouncy horse looks like so much fun!

21) Balance Bike – A balance bike will teach the balancing skills Charlie will eventually need to learn how to ride a bike. This is the gift I most want to get, but it’s yet another big toy that takes up space, so we shall see!

Do you have any gift suggestions for 2 year olds?