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Happy New Year!

It hasn’t been a very long 2011 for Hellobee, but it’s already been a great one. We can’t thank you enough for all your support! We’ll be working our hardest to bring you an even better site in 2012.  Happy New Year! ~illustration by Oana

unswaddled Baby Y


Not long ago, I wrote about how we were still swaddling Baby Y as he neared six months. Well, things change fast in babyland, and not long after that post, we decided to give unswaddling another go. Why? The kiddo’s sleep suddenly took a nosedive, and we figured it couldn’t get much worse. Whether teething […]

maternity must have page 1

Maternity Must-Haves

Now that I’m almost into my third trimester, I’m phasing out more and more of my non-maternity clothing and getting used to dressing my new shape. Here are some of my favorite things to wear lately! 1) Tunics – I have this one in grey and love wearing it with leggings, boots, and a belt […]

Evan’s First Birthday Bash

This is a guest post from my friend Jenny, who I met at summer camp in the 6th grade! ~~~ Evan’s birthday party was such an amazing event. I remember at one point getting teary-eyed because I looked up and realized that our closest family and friends were all there to celebrate with us. The […]

baby refuses bottle

Tips & Tricks When Baby Refuses the Bottle

I mentioned in my post yesterday that perhaps breastfeeding was going a little too well because Olive has been rejecting the bottle. Over the Christmas holiday, I exclusively breastfed her for 5 days, and when she was offered a bottle yesterday morning, she threw the biggest fit since she’s been born! I’d never seen actual […]

Just One of Those Days

This morning, when I groggily told my husband that I’d like to trade the baby for a toaster, I was only half-kidding. I. am. exhausted. A couple days ago, a teething Baby Y decided to use my left breast as a chew toy, leaving a full-on puncture wound. I couldn’t let him latch to eat […]

Breastfeeding the Second Time Around

I’ve previously written about how I didn’t really love breastfeeding Charlie, and how I wasn’t particularly sad about giving it up and pumping exclusively instead. But because I wasn’t really successful at breastfeeding Charlie, I was very nervous about trying again with Olive. If I failed, not only would I feel like I failed at […]

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