Now that Baby Y is sitting up, scooting around, and very close to crawling, he’s starting to get a lot more interested in toys. While he still generally tries to shove everything into his mouth, he’s also becoming a lot more adept at holding things, pressing buttons, batting things around, and so on.

The kiddo got some great toys for Christmas from his generous grandparents, and I took advantage of some holiday sales to beef up our toy supply on the cheap, too. I tried to buy things that will engage him now, but grow with him for a while, too. Here’s a roundup of our current favorite teethers and toys:

    Vulli Sophie the Giraffe – This teether is another longtime favorite. She’s like crack for babies, seriously. We ate dinner in relative peace tonight while Baby Y sat in his highchair trying to gnaw her head off in a disturbingly violent fashion.
  2. Lifefactory Multi Sensory Silicone Teether – This is another great one, probably because it’s extremely bendy and has all sorts of fun textures to sample.
  3. Lamaze Mortimer the Moose – We’ve had good ol’ Mortimer for quite a while. He’s great to pull out when Baby Y is getting fussy in the carseat or high chair. Everything about him his huggable and chewable, and my special Mortimer voice often gets a laugh out of my cranky baby.
  4. Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Rock a Stack – I think most of us had a ring stacker growing up. This is one of the first toys I bought Baby Y. The colors really catch his attention. I help him stack them, and he tries to eat the rings and send them flying in different directions.
  5. Kidoozie Press N Go Inchworm – Baby Y already loves this thing. When I send it across the floor, he is absolutely transfixed, and he also loves to chew the antennae. I love that it is an “action toy” that requires no batteries.
  6. Tolo Rolling Shape Sorter – A fun, sturdy classic. For now, it’s a huge rolling rattle that Baby Y finds mesmerizing, and later on, it will help him learn shapes and colors.
  7. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table – Another “lights and sounds” toy, but one that will grow with him that can actually teach numbers, letters, colors, cause and effect, and so on. Warning: the songsĀ  have already become permanently lodged in my brain. When Baby Y starts standing, we can put the legs on it, but for now, we just rest it on the floor.
  8. Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube – One of the few “lights and sounds” toys we have, carefully chosen for its interactivity. Push one side of the cube to hear an instrument play, then add another by pushing another side, and so on. Pretty soon, the whole orchestra is going.
  9. Sesame Street Soft Play book blocks – I’m a sucker for items that serve more than one purpose. These sweet, soft little books can actually hold Baby Y’s attention, since they’re short! He also likes to chew on them and knock them down when I stack them.
  10. Boon Odd Ducks – These are Baby Y’s bathing companions. I like the whimsical colors and the fact that they don’t hold any water (no mold) and are PVC-free.
  11. Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Station – A monster, but I thought the concept was so cool that I got suckered in. Baby Y is just now learning that he can “walk” around to the different toys, and he loves gnawing on the butterflies. When he gets older, we can take the seat off and turn it into an activity table.
  12. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo – Another monster, no doubt, but Baby Y loves, loves, loves it. Sometimes I think he’s going to jump right out of the seat. It’s also nice to have a spot to put him for a short period of time if I need to get something done.
  13. Earlyears Lil’ Shopper Play Set – Papa Y has jokingly called this a “girl’s toy.” Whatever. It’s adorable. The foods crinkle and jingle and are great for him to chew on, and I expect that there will be a lot of “put them in the bag, take them out of the bag” play when he gets a bit older.
  14. Classic Embossed Alphabet Blocks – Every kid needs a set of blocks. These are smooth, sturdy, nontoxic, and lovely to look at.
  15. Skip Hop Play Spot floor mat – Not a toy, no, but it makes playtime a lot comfier for both of us on our wood floors. The colors also look a bit more at home in our living room than the typical super-bright ABC mats.
  16. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes – A nice way to keep Baby Y occupied while in a highchair or stroller. And the classical music is some of the best I’ve heard form a kid’s toy!

I think these should hold us for quite a while, but I’ve still got my eye on a few other things, like stacking toys and maybe a xylophone. Any other recommendations for an increasingly mobile baby?