Please help in extending a warm welcome to the newest pregnant bee to join Hellobee, Mrs. Hopscotch!


I’m so excited to be sharing my first pregnancy with such a warm and welcoming community! I have been dying to be Mrs. Hopscotch since I first saw the characters introduced.

Right now I’m 27 weeks along and loving every minute of being pregnant (besides, you know, the random bouts of heartburn, struggling every morning to find clothes to wear and the roller coast mood swings). But any negative is outweighed by about 10 positives, especially when I feel our little one kicking away!

Mr. Hopscotch and I live in a wonderful neighborhood in Chicago, and were married 2 ½ years ago. I work a 9-5 job in fundraising for a non-profit, and he works for himself full-time as a photographer -- which means when Baby Hopscotch arrives, he will have stay-at-home dad duties after I go back to work! Since he’s far better than I am at cooking and cleaning, I have no doubts that he will do a stellar job being home with the baby.

We love exploring the city together, fine dining (when we can afford it!), coffee and finding the time to decorate our new home.

We also have our pup, Charlie, who is so excited about becoming an older brother! He loves spending time in the nursery, sniffing all of the cloth diapers I’ve bought, and trying to steal stuffed animals every chance he gets.  We can’t wait to see how he adjusts to adding a baby into the family.

Why hopscotch, you ask? We have a fantastic hopscotch rug and Charlie loves to “play” hopscotch on it.