I can’t believe how fast time is flying!  The thing with adoption is that you never really know how much time you are going to have to prepare to bring the new baby home.  Our match was finalized January 1st, and the scheduled birth date is February 21st.

We’ve got exactly 1 free weekend between now and the birth of Jack Jack. I’ll tell you more about why we only have one free weekend in a post soon to come. Yikes!  So today, I’ve been putting together the weekend “get ready for baby” to do list.  We’ll pack months of nesting into 48 hours.  Here’s what it is looking like so far:

1. Paint. We started a painting project in our upstairs in the fall.  While it is nearly completed, we didn’t do the hallways, Mr. Jacks’ office, the trim or the stairwell.  I can’t envision doing that with 2 children, so we’re going to try and finish this weekend.

2. Ready the guest bedroom for my parents.  My parents have graciously agreed to come stay with us for the first week.  Mr. Jacks and I will have to be at the hospital most of the time, and we needed someone that Little Jacks could be with for at least 12 hours a day.  Luckily they jumped at the chance.  We feel so glad that Little Jacks will be with Grammatana and Grandpatana (as she calls them), since she’s done really well staying with them for a few hours before. (She’s only had a babysitter 4 times, and never more than 3 hours!)

3. Prepare meals for when the baby arrives.  Before the arrival of Little Jacks, we made a couple lasagnes and some enchiladas to freeze for those early chaotic days of infanthood.  We’d really like to do that again.


4. Go through all of our infant clothes.  Sort them, clean them, and clear out drawer space for Jack Jack.  Luckily, we stayed with mostly team Green clothes for Little Jacks, so everything we have will be usable regardless of sex!

5. Clean up the nursery.  Little Jacks never slept there or even played much in there, but I feel the need to get it squeaky clean for Jack Jack.

6.  Taxes: It’s just going to be better to get these done before we’re totally overwhelmed and distracted.

You might notice there are some things we’re not doing.  We are not buying *anything*. I’m way too superstitious to buy anything (even a single pack of newborn diapers) until the baby comes home.  My Jewish friends will understand.

I don’t know how we’ll get this all done in 48 hours, but we’re sure going to try!

What have I left off the list (that doesn’t involve buying anything)?