We all know how fun baby girl clothes can be to shop for, but the more I delve into the world of baby boys, the more I’ve discovered that their clothes can be pretty adorable too! Here are some of my favorite trends in baby boy clothes right now!


1.  These engineer overalls go way back – I think I had some purple ones when I was little, and my brother had the traditional navy ones with a matching train conductor hat. Classic never goes out of style – we already have a pair of these for baby TTT!

2. Mr. TTT isn’t a fan of the romper, but I love this old fashioned gingham one. It feels so Southern and classic. I can see baby TTT crawling around in the grass in this!

3. Stripes are big in adult fashion right now, but they’re always been perfect for kids and babies. I love how this romper has contrasting cuffs for additional stripey fun!

4. Grandpa sweaters are all the rage for little ones these days. I love it when little boys are dressed like little old men, so these are a must to complete the look.

5. Hoods and hats with animal ears are all over the place right now. I think they’re adorable for babies and kids under 7, but I see way too many teens and adults rocking this style lately. Who can resist a chubby cheeked baby with little animal ears?

6. Girls get hair bows, but boys get bow ties! I love these onesies with the little bow tie attached. It would be perfect for a special occasion or first birthday party.

What are your favorite ways to dress up little boys?