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Blogs Are the New Magazines

The internet has changed so much since I first launched Weddingbee back in 2006. Even though blogs had been around for years at that point, I still had to explain what a blog was to most people. We launched a wedding blog, and at the time it seemed like it was a big deal. The […]

Introducing Mrs. Wagon!

Please help me in welcoming the latest mama to the hive, Mrs. Wagon! ~~~ Hello there everyone! First I’d just like to introduce myself by saying that this is a dream more than seven years in the making. I have wanted to be a Bee ever since the beginning of Hellobee’s predecessor, Weddingbee. Even though […]

finn tape1

Baby-Led Weaning

This is a guest post by Emily of Oh! Apostrophe. ~~~ Starting solids is a topic that comes up all the time with moms.  Personally, I felt like starting solids was a huge deal.  When I gave my son Finn his first bite of real food, I was practically holding my breath.  Is he going […]

Postpartum Exercise

I definitely have a lot of incentive to work out. The thing is, the last thing I want to do when I get home after a long day of work is go run on the elliptical or head to the gym. The sad part is that I have an on-site gym at our office, and […]


From cynic to sap

I used to be an editor at a large newspaper. It entailed working late into the night, getting random weekdays off, and forgoing many holidays with family. The pay was decent, but certainly not enough to make up for the glaring lack of a personal life. I accepted all that because, in exchange, I could […]

A Gender Update

Awhile back I shared our decision to find out Baby H’s gender but not tell anyone. We found out the gender around 20-ish weeks, and I’m proud to say that at almost 33 weeks, we have done an awesome job of keeping the big news a secret. With the exception of our midwives, our doula, […]

You have 8 years to connect with your kids before they turn into tweens

When Charlie was born, I had trouble connecting to him. I had never really seen a newborn before. I didn’t know almost anything about being a parent, let alone being an equal partner in parenting. In Charlie’s first year of life, Mrs. Bee mostly raised him while I focused on work and helped out when […]

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