One thing I never anticipated when going through this journey was the immense amount of pressure I’d feel during pregnancy. And no, not the pressure of Baby H weighing down on my bladder, but the pressure to do and be everything that this baby needs right now. Once Baby H arrives I know that Mr. H and I will share the duty of ensuring our little one grows and thrives, but for right now it so often feels like everything is all on me.

I’ve learned so far through this journey that pregnancy is more than pickles and ice cream or joking about not being able to see my feet. Every decision I make impacts the baby. Did I drink too much coffee? Did I not drink enough water? Am I putting my baby at a disadvantage because I’m incredibly picky and eat almost no vegetables? Is this twinge of pain in my side normal? At what point should I be concerned that the baby isn’t kicking enough? Am I getting plenty of exercise? The list could go on and on and on.

On top of just the general “Am I being healthy for my baby?” worries, there is daily life. Putting together the registry. Going to work every day and managing my normal workflow while also preparing for my maternity leave. Planning for and decorating the nursery. A few months ago, it was also packing, moving and settling into our new house. A lot of changes have been squeezed into such a short time frame.

While normally a complete worry wart, I would not consider myself overly worried during this pregnancy. I’ve gone with the flow and since I’ve felt relatively well so far, I haven’t had huge reasons to stress. But still those nagging thoughts linger in the back of my head. I assume they do with most mothers-to-be because, well, you are growing a human being! It’s huge and crazy and exciting all at the same time. And all while you’re chock full of pregnancy hormones!

I feel encouraged that I can acknowledge all of my worries and stress points and not let them eat away at me. I have a great support system at home with Mr. H. On top of that, I see a fantastic group of midwives and have a great doula, all of whom can answer any questions I may have. I know that I am definitely not alone during this process and that each day is a new day — a new day to make the right decisions for my and Baby H’s health, to only tackle what I can get done during the day, and to just enjoy all of the fabulous baby kicks, hiccups, twists and turns.

How do you handle the pressures of pregnancy?