Minhee has created a veritable bonanza of DIY Valentines, complete with printable templates and instructions below!


I’ve created three different types of super easy and fun DIY Valentines for you today!


Most of the materials can be bought at general office supply stores, but I’ve included links to specialty items.

H E A R T  C A R D


1. Print heart pdf template and trace hearts with pencil onto the poster board. Cut out hearts with scissors.

2. Set type on the diy stamp kit and stamp hearts with your message

3. Place hearts in glassine sleeves and write friends’ names with white ink pen.

O L D  S C H O O L  C A N D Y  T A G  B A G


1. Fill your child’s name in the printable template. Print and trim.

2. Fold in half and decorate.

3. Fold down the top opening area of the glassine bag to keep candy inside.

4. Optional – punch hole and add colored ribbon for a litle pop of color!

L A B E L  C A N D Y  B A G


  • clear sleeves
  • avery labels (style 5481, 1×3″)
  • diy stamp kit
  • candy

1. Set type on the diy stamp kit with your message.

2. Stamp labels.

2. Fill candy in bags and seal with label.

Here are the templates for you again:

Hellobee heart template
Hellobee graph and notebook paper template

Happy crafting!