The countdown clock seems to be moving faster as we get closer to delivery and there are a few big things we haven’t totally ironed out.  The biggest one is: what are we going to name this precious gift of a child?

Because Little Jacks is a girl, we have a steady reserve of boy names to draw from.  Couple that with the fact that Mr. Jacks’ middle name is 4th generation (and it would be great to extend it into the next generation) and we’re set.

BUT, what about girl names? That’s where it gets really tough. After all, we did use our two very favorite girl names for Little Jacks: Cecilia Josephine.  The problem is that we’ve set the bar high and I feel like we have a fair number of desired characteristics in a girl’s name.  Maybe you can help us find something that meets our crazy requirements.

Before I tell you our parameters, can I just say that I love Nameberry? I have spent hours poring through their name lists and searching their forums.  It’s been helpful, but we’re still not there yet.

Here are our guidelines:

  • A name that is most strongly identified with the era of the 1900s to 1920s.
  • It should have a number of adorable nicknames that can be both girlie or tomboyish.
  • We would prefer a name that ends in “ah” if possible.
  • Matches the name Cecilia but doesn’t match too closely.  For example, we love Aurelia and Amelia, but they are too close.
  • Is not in the top 200 names now or in the recent past.

Cecilia’s name has a great song associated with it.  How great would it be if we could find a name that also has a song?! (not a deal-breaker)

You can see why we’ve made it tough on ourselves!  So, you have the floor.  Do you have any suggestions?  We’d love to have your help.