We're creating an "About the Bees" page so that you can easily see a quick bio on each of our bloggers.  Once we have a lot of bloggers, this will really come in handy so you can see where each bloggers is in their parenting journey. Minhee came up with some cute options, and we'd love your help in deciding!

Option 1: All text is in caps. We can have the individual cards be the same color, or mix and match between yellow, gray, and blue.

Option 2: Status fields are lowercase, answers are in caps. Option 3: Status fields are in caps, answers are in lowercase.

Option 4: Form with dropshadows and with or without sticker.

Option 5: Form without dropshadows, age and dates of birth are styled in red like a stamp.

Which one is your favorite? Please feel free to mix and match features!