Well... today is the day-- Delivery day.  By the time you are reading this, there should be a new little baby in the world on a post-holiday Tuesday morning in February. What that baby's path through life is going to look like has yet to be determined.  We hope it's a journey that we get to take together every step of the way, but we know that still hangs in the balance.  They say every birthmom chooses adoption twice... once when she makes the adoption plan, and again after she delivers.  We'll be anxiously awaiting that second decision until paperwork is signed.

We are working on going with the flow and letting each moment take shape, apart from our own perceptions of how things should go.  This is not just about us, but also about another couple going through a very difficult time in their lives.  We want to honor their experience and provide as much support as we can, while still taking care of ourselves.

Please pray and/or send good thoughts into the universe as the culmination of the process unfolds over the next few days-- both for the baby, the birth family, and for us!  The Jacks family will send updates when we are able, but it will likely be a full 72 hours until we have official news to share.  All support during this time is welcome!