My due date is in just 6 short weeks, and I’m feeling the pressure! Just last Friday, Mr. TTT and I were lounging on the couch watching a movie, and I said that I felt like I had a ticking time bomb inside me. Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited to meet baby TTT and can’t wait to be a mom, but as my due date approaches, I find myself wondering if we’ll ever have a moment of peace like that Friday night again. I know life will be very different, but I also know it will be so much better.

With only 6 weeks to prepare for baby TTT’s arrival (give or take a week or two – I assume I’ll be late, but who really knows), my favorite habit of list making has become more important than ever. Here is our to do list:

1. Finish the nursery – scotch guard rocker, hang artwork and other decor, buy table lamp for dresser, obtain toy storage (hoping my mom gives me these great bins she has in my younger brother’s room), paint or stain shelf and hang with hooks underneath, make growth chart (aka giant ruler) and hang

2. Wash all baby stuff – clothes, diapers, blankets, burp cloths, sheets  for crib and bassinet

3. Pack hospital bags – labor bag, delivery bag, daddy bag, baby bag, dogs’ bag (they’re going to our friends’ for a week while we get adjusted to life with a baby)

4. Read more parenting books – Dr. Sears, Ina May, and a bunch more that are sitting on the shelf collecting dust

5. Take Baby Care Basics class – classes begin the first week of March


6. Take breastfeeding class – it was full, but it’s the same teacher as our childbirth class, so she said she’ll let me sneak in – also in March

7. Buy stuff – Amazon for wet bags, more cloth diapers (we have 12) and wipes, diaper changing organizer to hang on pack n play/bassinet for the early weeks

8. Refinance – this might not happen before baby, but I’m really hoping it does…

9. Sell car, buy new one – same for this one…

We’ve already finished painting the nursery, hanging curtains, assembling the crib, moving the rug from dining room into the nursery, installing bookshelves, reupholstering rocker, fixing/refinishing dresser, organizing shower gifts, installing light fixture,  making heart shaped pillow for rocker, and making a Babies r Us completion discount shopping trip (it wasn’t fun due to extremely slow customer service and my husband said he’s never going back there again).

We got so much done over the holiday weekend last week, that I’m feeling more excited and less anxious than I was when I made that ticking time bomb comment. There’s still lots to do (not to mention the pressure at work to finish assignments and grade them before my leave), but it seems manageable to me and I hope to get a little bit done each day instead of waiting until the last minute, like I usually do.

What do you have left to do on your baby to-do list?