How do I suddenly have an eight-month-old? As a wise man once said, “Life moves pretty fast sometimes … if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

As much as Month 6 was unexpectedly difficult, Month 7 (cheesy as it sounds) was really a joy. Here are some highlights:

Babbling. Until lately, we didn’t hear a whole lot more than “aaaaahhhh” and screeching, so I was eagerly awaiting this milestone. Now we’re hearing a lot of “babababababa” with the occasional “ma” (yay!) and “ga” thrown in. (We also swear he said “hey” to Papa Y when he came home from work the other day.) Baby Y is most verbose when he wakes up happy in his crib. It’s so funny to listen to him scooting around, “talking” to himself. And when I sneak in to get him, he gives me the biggest, goofiest grin. Highlight of my day.


Crawling (kind of).
Baby Y can finally move forward on his hands and knees, albeit very slowly and not without great, deliberate effort. Apparently, big babies are often slower to crawl – they’ve got a heavier load, after all. He has gotten very adept at slithering on his belly, and has perfected sitting up on his own. He’s also starting to try to pull himself to standing. I need to put him in a spot where he has the chance to practice this more, but safely.

Food. We’re up to about 3-4 ounces of solids twice a day, and have introduced meats and grains and other Stage 2 goodness. He eats just about everything – I know this probably won’t continue into toddlerhood, so I’m going to try to savor it right now. He’s also starting to eat Mum-Mums and puffs, and I intend to introduce more finger foods soon. He’s still nursing well, but my milk is taking longer to letdown and I’m having a harder time pumping. I am trying to up my water intake and relax more during nursing and pumping, which does seem to help.

Play. It’s been so much fun playing with Baby Y this month. He’s easier to engage and seems to have figured out that you can do more with toys than shove them in your mouth. He really enjoys his Mozart Magic cube and stacking cups, and loves it when I “hide” him under a muslin blanket, then “find” him by sticking my face under there, too. He also loooooves rough play – being hoisted in the air, bounced on the bed, and spun upside down. A true boy!

Sleep. Baby Y may finally have vanquished the short nap. Now that he’s solidly on two naps instead of three, they’re usually both at least 75-90 minutes, and sometimes even two hours. I even got a three-hour nap yesterday afternoon! He rarely fights them, too. I get more done, and he’s a lot less cranky. Win-win. Nighttime sleep is holding steady. He goes down easily around 7 and sleeps 12 hours, with one (sometimes two) brief wakings to eat. I’m hoping the two-wakeup nights continue to dwindle – I am much less zombie-like after one-wakeup nights!

It wasn’t all fun and games, though:

Sickness. The whole Yo-Yo clan had a nasty bout with either the flu or a cold on steroids not long ago. Baby Y was pretty congested and ran a fever for a few days. It was the first time I had to break out the dreaded rectal thermometer since birth. We tried to keep him comfy with a cool-mist humidifier, more frequent feedings, and nasal aspirators like Nose Frida. Unfortunately, every time we so much as tried to wipe his nose, he fought us like a rabid wombat.

More teething. At least one is coming in, maybe more. It’s hard to check without risking losing a finger! He has tried biting again while nursing, but I’m better able to catch him and stop him with a stern “no.” (This time around he goes in for the kill with a raptor-like “raaaahhhhh” rasp that gives him away, thankfully.) His favorite teethers have become sweatshirt strings and socks, but he still likes Sophie, too.

Oh, and the funniest development of Month 7? My sweet baby found the “family jewels,” so to speak. Diaper changes will never be the same.

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