Please help me in welcoming the latest mama to the hive, Mrs. Wagon!


Hello there everyone!

First I’d just like to introduce myself by saying that this is a dream more than seven years in the making. I have wanted to be a Bee ever since the beginning of Hellobee’s predecessor, Weddingbee. Even though Bee and I had never met in person until recently, I think we’re forever cosmically connected. We got married in the same year, and then with our first children, we were due date twins! So even though I followed Weddingbee religiously (and still kinda do, ahem), I couldn’t apply to be a Bee there because I was already married and therefore no longer eligible. The same went for Hellobee– by the time it had started up, I was already a mom and not yet trying to conceive again. Then when we became pregnant with our second last November, I had to keep the pregnancy hush-hush because of work reasons. So it’s been torture to not be able to utilize the young, yet AMAZING community of the Hellobee boards throughout this second pregnancy, but I am very very happy to emerge at 19 weeks, announce my pregnancy and FINALLY become a Bee!!!


Now to introduce my lovely family, the Wagons! Wagon Sr. and I have been married for 6.5 years now, and we live in the suburbs of Boston. He works in medical school administration and is pursuing his Masters in Public Health at the school he works at, and I work as a web producer at an art museum. Wagon Jr. (Junior since he is named after Wagon Sr.) is a very active 2 year old and is the total light of our little life. We are also expecting the arrival of Wagon Jr.’s little sister, Lil Miss Wagon, in July.

This is the main reason why I struggled with my icon choice– Wagons Sr. and Jr. featured on the cover of the 2011 UppaBaby catalog! Should I have chosen Mrs. Stroller???

This is a big part of why I chose Mrs. Wagon as my icon. Introducing the Waggin’ Wagons, Dory (Pomeranian, 6) and Remy (Long haired Chihuahua mix, 3)!

I’m so excited to not only share this pregnancy journey with you all, but also to look back and reflect on my recent past as a first time mom with Wagon Jr., including being a stay-at-home mom for 18 months, working part time, and then becoming a working mom.