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Tie-Dye Easter Eggs

Easter is just around the corner, and each year we look forward to the tradition of dyeing Easter eggs.   The process is simple enough for the little ones to help out, and it is such a fun activity for them to get involved and design their own little egg creations!  Tie-dyeing Easter eggs is a […]

3 ways to connect your kids to nature!

Last year, we took Charlie to our local zoo: the Prospect Park Zoo.  We weren’t sure what to expect, but were pleasantly surprised to find out that it actually had a petting zoo!  There’s a bunch of sheep, geese and other animals that your kids can feed or pet — if they are brave enough! […]


Japanese Paper Balloons

These Japanese paper balloons, or kamifusen, are a fun way to dress up a child’s party or room! You could even give them away as party favors! Starting at only $2/each, they’re available online at Uguisu and Omiyage. (via stylejunkee)


A Darling Girl’s Room

There are so many sweet details to love in this room designed by Caroline Gomez, but I especially love that little closet! What an ingenious idea for housing dress-up clothes. (image via Miluccia) I haven’t tracked down the adorable polka dot lanterns yet, though you could easily diy them, but here are the sources for […]


First Birthday Cake Smash

Mr. Bee wants to do a super casual first birthday party for Olive, which means it’ll probably be just family at home. But I still wanted to do a little something special, and when I came across these first birthday cake smash photoshoots, I thought it’d be so much fun to do! (via peekaboo photos)

DIY: Baby Clothing Bouquet

Back in my super crafty days, I made this for baby shower gifts. It’s a bouquet of “flowers” that are made of different pieces of baby clothes. Unfortunately, I don’t have any step-by-step photos to show you, but I do have instructions and three different bouquets to show. Pink for girls



Love these darling girl clothes from Maliposha, available in sizes 6 months and up. summer blouse, yellow blouse + skirt, floral blouse

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