by: Jenny of Hank + Hunt

Are you looking for a way to personalize your little one’s nursery or room? Try these easy, no sew letter hangings to spruce up their room.  I’m crazy over stripes right now, so I made H’s for my boys on linen.

This cute vintage tablecloth rose fabric has been sitting around my craft room waiting for a little girl. I saw it sitting on my shelf with my black stripes and thought they would look really neat together. Luckily Mrs. Bee has little Miss Olive, so I can give these to her.  Here’s how I made them:


You will need:

Fabric (2 kinds)
7” Embroidery Hoops
Pellon Wonder Under Fusible Web

Letter Template

Center your hoops on your fabric and make a dotted outline about 1” from the edge.

Cut out each circle just inside the dots.  There is no need to be perfect. You will trim off the excess later. Think quick and easy circles.

Print and cut out your letters. I printed out my letters in the BEBAS font.  It’s free and you can download it here.

Take your letter fabric and lay out your letters on top.  Cut off a rectangular piece larger than what all the letters will fit on.  Cut a slightly smaller piece of Wonder Under.  Flip your fabric over, wrong side up, and iron the Wonder Under, paper side up, following the directions on the package. Once adhered, let cool and peel off the paper backing. Flip the fabric right side up and cut out your letters. You can trace, pin or cut by hand if you are pretty steady.  To cut the centers out of letters, fold and cut a small slit in the center of the hole and then cut around the sides.

Center each letter in each fabric circle and iron on. Stretch the lettered fabric circle over the bottom hoop and put the top hoop on.  Pull the fabric taut and screw the top hoop tight. You may need to pull a little bit here and there to center and tighten.  Once it is done, turn over the hoop and trim off the excess fabric with scissors.  Repeat with remaining hoops and hang.

You can use the same technique to attach letters to any piece of fabric.  You could make pillows, a tote,  use in a shadow box or make fabric shapes. Anything you want can really cheer up a tiny little room!