All that talk about meal planning last week got me to thinking that I needed a cute template to plan out my meals. So of course Minhee came to the rescue with two different versions of a meal planner. Click here to download the  one that allows you to plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and click here to download the one that allows you to plan a month’s worth of dinners. There’s even space for you to take notes and jot down a shopping list!

So what’s on our meal plan for the week? My good friend’s mom stopped by this weekend and brought us a mountain of homecooked Korean food, so we’ll be eating that this whole week. But I do plan on making a big batch of these toddler french toast sticks and freezing them, and I’m going to try this quinoa mac and cheese as well. Charlie loves mac and cheese and he liked quinoa the one time he had it, so I’m hoping that recipe will be a hit!

Do you have anything exciting on your meal plan this week?