Hi guys!  Dina here from Honey & Fitz back today with a fun spring-inspired tutorial for a darling paper flower mobile.

I really wanted to keep the overall look of the mobile organic and branch-y looking.  I used brown cloth wrapped fabric stems from the floral department at Joann‘s as the base.  You’ll also need brown floral tape, wire cutters and some 22 gauge wire to create the hook for the finished piece.

You’ll also want some coordinated scrapbook paper for your flowers (I recommend 2 shades), a green paper for the leaves and a floral paper punch.  I used the oopsie daisy squeeze punch by Fiskars.

Begin building the frame of your mobile by twisting together two lengths of your cloth fabric stems.

Add two more lengths a little further down from stems 1 and 2.

Keep building, adding additional stems as you move your way down.

Keep working until you have a form that looks like a loose letter C.  Once you have the basic shape well established, cut a few floral stems in half and go back and add shorter stems onto your piece.

The finished frame should look something like this.  You can leave the ends long at this point.  You’ll trim them later when you add the flowers.

Next, you’ll create the hook to hang your mobile from.  Cut a 15″ length of your 22 gauge wire and fold it in half.

Take each end of your wire and wrap it around your finger, 4-5 times.  Wrap one end clockwise and the other counter clockwise.

Once you have a good circle formed, wrap the tail ends around to secure it.

Use the tails to secure the entire hook to the mobile frame.

Now you’ll go back and wrap the entire frame in your floral tape and really build up the “branches.”  If you’ve never used floral tape, it’s pretty magical stuff.  It’s not sticky at all UNTIL you stretch it and then it sticks perfectly but only to itself.  Keep stretching and wrapping until you’ve covered the entire frame.

Now the fun part!  Punch out a bunch of flowers and use a tiny dab of hot glue to sandwich two pieces around a wire end (trim your wire ends at this point.)

I like the look of staggering the shapes so the flower looks fuller.

I just free handed some leaf shapes and used the same “sandwich” technique to add them onto the mobile.

The finishing touch – some bling! These Martha Stewart Crafts rhinestones are technically stickers, but I adhered them to the center of each flower with a tiny dab of hot glue just to be sure it was super secure.

Tie some fishing line to the hook and hang it from a screw eye hook.

My favorite part of this mobile is how it sways and bobs.  The 24 gauge floral stems are just thin enough to give the finished mobile some nice bounce.  I love the idea of hanging it over a changing table and giving baby something sweet and colorful to focus on!

And if flowers aren’t your thing, you can easily use this same technique and personalize it using a different paper punch or even make it look less branch-y by using white floral tape instead of brown.