IMGP54802The finished product

I can truly call this a vintage crib, because it was my crib when I was a baby. Not only did I use it, but so did my brothers, and my first two kids. This Jenny Lind crib is such a classic design, you can still buy this crib and the design has not changed.

The before – a classic in need of some updating.

Because it’s been stored in our garage for years, I decided I might like it refinished and painted for our last baby. We decided to match my daughter Denali’s bed and paint it an every so slight off-white.

My wonderful husband did all the work. I am a bit of a control freak, so I was a struggle for me to step back and let him do all the work. I needed to stay out of the dust and paint fumes since I was pregnant, so he took on the project. I don’t know why I was worried! He did a fantastic job — I couldn’t have done better — and it looks like a brand new crib.

Supplies needed:

sand paper
steel wool
tack cloth
Sherwin Williams ProBlock Primer
Rust-Oleum 2x Painter’s Touch Satin Spray Paint in Antique White


If you would like to refinish a piece of furniture that has a lot of details, here’s what worked well for us. Mr. Bicycle spent a good part of a day sanding all the curves and spindles on the crib. Then he made sure to remove all the dust with a tack cloth. He applied the primer and when that was dry, he used the steel wool to smooth out any imperfections. Then before applying 2 coats of the Rust-Oleum paint, he prepped that crib with the tack cloth. I was really surprised at how well spray paint worked!

Have you saved anything from your childhood for your children?