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registry raves

We started researching the best baby gear shortly after we found out we were pregnant.  By the time we found out we were having a girl, we knew what stroller and car seat we wanted.  Friends and family chimed in with registry must-haves, and combined with the check list the baby store gave us, we […]

On Men And Praise

I’ve noticed that many people prefer not to rely too much on praise in their relationships. This comment from the boards describes a fair number of relationships, I think: My DH expects praise or acknowledgement for just about every household item he does on his own. I thank him if he does something I ask, […]

Introducing Mrs. Stroller!

Please join me in welcoming the newest mama bee to join the hive, Mrs. Stroller! ~~~ Hi Hive! I’m so happy to be the newest momma bee! My little guy, Maddox, is 4 months old and growing way too fast. It seems like yesterday when we took his newborn photos at 5 days old. Photo […]


Interchangable lens cameras: An easy DSLR alternative

I don’t have many regrets about the first months of Baby Y’s life, but if you twisted my arm, I might offer this: I wish I’d had a better camera from Day One. Besieged by baby-specific purchases, I never thought much about photography. My camera, a Panasonic Lumix point-and-shoot purchased in 2009, had taken lovely […]


Why we fired our pediatrician

You might remember this post I wrote about choosing a pediatrician when I was pregnant. I suppose I should have taken some of my own advice, like to interview several and to do thorough research before selecting one. It’s not like I just picked one blind, though… When I was about six months pregnant, I […]

straw & sippy cups

Selecting a Sippy Cup

We own no less than 15 sippy cups that I either purchased or were gifted to us. Why so many? In an attempt to wean Charlie off his beloved bottle, I tried almost every sippy cup out there! Unfortunately I bought them all for nothing because Charlie won’t even drink a sip of milk out […]


Emergency Tooth Fairy Kit

As little ones get older, we get less and less firsts.  My 6 year old son Henry’s tooth is almost out, and we can already see the new one growing in.  This will be our “first tooth”  loss. To say that we are excited would be the world’s biggest understatement. I am making, upon request, […]

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