I’ve been meaning to share this amazing (as in amazingly easy) DIY ever since I started contributing to Hellobee.  I will admit, I am stealing this idea from my sis-n-law. This bib is made from a barmop towel, and I really wish I knew about this when my boys were little. It involves a sewing machine, but you could sew this by hand if you wanted.  Don’t be frightened if you don’t sew — neither does my sis-n-law and I am only good at sewing straight lines.


You will need:

a sewing machine
double fold bias tape (wide)
barmop towels (the softest I could find)

You will want to find high quality barmop towels, the smaller kind. This will be touching your little one’s face and you don’t want it to be scratchy. First, cut off the tag.

Cut a piece of bias tape about 3 times the length of the towel.

Center the tape at the top of the towel and insert it into the bias tape. Pin in place.

Either finger press, by rubbing your fingers over the fold, or iron the corners in towards the inside of the bias tape, forming a point. Fold in once more to make a clean edge. Close the bias tape.

Move to the sewing machine. Starting at one clean edge, with the bias folded edge on the left as shown, line up the other side of the bias tape with the right edge of the sewing machine foot. Put the foot down and sew about 4 stitches.  Stitch backward to the starting end of the bias tape, then stitch forward in a straight line toward your first pin.

Remove your pins as you go and continue to the other end of the bias tape. Stitch back a few stitches, lift the foot and you are done.  Trim your threads and you are ready to go.

I recommend washing these before using, as this will soften up the towel and the bias tape.

Enjoy! Make a bunch of these for a shower gift with a little instruction card so mom can make many more as needed, ’cause as a mom with two boys, this would have come in handy.