I wanted something fun the other day after I changed the boys’ sheets. They have cute pillowcases that gramma made from fabric, but I wanted something super easy. We always have a challenge getting monkeys in bed at night, and I thought maybe a cute little pillow would make them want to stay in bed. So far, so good.


You will need:

the design
T-shirt transfer paper

white pillowcase
towel (for ironing)

Print your design on t-shirt transfer paper. Remember to change  the settings in your printer to REVERSE or T-SHIRT TRANSFER so that it will “flip” the design before printing.  Cut out your designs. I always trim right to the color for a nice crisp line.  Set your iron according to the directions on the transfer paper. Insert a folded towel inside your pillowcase. This will keep your iron from heating up both sides, since we are using both. Once it has heated up, place your sun design face down centered on your pillowcase.

Iron, pressing down firmly. Keep your iron moving but make sure to get all the edges and center. Cover the decal with firm even strokes. Follow the directions of the transfer paper. Peel the backing off carefully — I checked and pulled the backing off each ray of sunshine, making sure each pulled off cleanly. If you have to pull hard, just iron it a little more until it comes off cleanly. Once the rays are pulled up, pull the center.

Let cool completely and flip the pillowcase over, from right to left, with towel still inside. Repeat with the moon on the other side.

Wash these inside out to prevent fading, but it really isn’t necessary.  Fabric transfers are so much better now than when I first did them in high school many moons ago.

Instead of a standard pillowcase, you could iron these on a lumbar sized pillow. I already had white pillowcases and the boys like to flip these to make their beds in the morning or get ready in the evening.  Hopefully it lasts. Fingers crossed!