As little ones get older, we get less and less firsts.  My 6 year old son Henry’s tooth is almost out, and we can already see the new one growing in.  This will be our “first tooth”  loss. To say that we are excited would be the world’s biggest understatement. I am making, upon request, a pillow in the shape of a tooth. Just in case it pops out before I finish, we will be ready. I made a quick printable with an envelope to pop under the pillow. I can use this design even after I finish the “real” pillow, by simply ironing on the words from the pocket on a piece of light colored fabric and making that my tooth-holder on the pillow.


You will need:

to download and print the design HERE
double stick tape

All you need to do is make a quick little pocket envelope for the tooth. I have included the template in the download. Cut around the outside of the shape. Flip over and fold on the lines. Fold over side A, place a piece of double stick tape on top and press down side B. Place another piece of tape on the bottom tab and press up to close. Insert tooth and voila.

Is this your first tooth? Your little one can follow these instructions in the download.

Tape the poster above the bed and be sure to have the little one sign and date it. I will be saving these, and maybe the first tooth.  My mom saved all of my teeth, which have since been tossed. I don’t know if I like the idea of saving teeth at all, even the first one.

Did your mom save your first tooth? Are you going to save any?