I’ve always carried large bags. My aunt once half-jokingly called me Mary Poppins — I have everything I’d ever need in my bag. I’ve been known to carry an umbrella in my bag, in addition to my wallet, pens, a notepad, and 20 shades of lipstick. My diaper bag is no exception.  It has everything I need for Little Jumper, as well as a few things I need for myself.


1. Arm & Hammer Paci Wipes: I bought these to clean LJ’s paci if she ever dropped it, but these wipes are mainly used for whenever she drops a favorite (plastic) toy when we’re out to eat.

2.  Pampers Swaddlers:  I swear by these diapers, and always carry a minimum of 12 with me at all times.  LJ doesn’t like to be wet, so we easily go through 5 just in the morning alone.

3.  Pamper’s Soft Care Wipes: I really like these individual packs of diapers.  They’re great for tossing in my diaper bag, and don’t take up much room.

4.  Safety First Digital Thermometer:  LJ is prone to fevers, and they spike FAST.  She gets them with every vaccination or when she’s sick.  I wouldn’t dare leave home without my thermometer (or a tube of Vaseline).

5.  Infant Tylenol Suppositories:  We’ve come to learn (unfortunately) that Littlest Jumper doesn’t care for the taste of liquid Tylenol.  We have no choice but to give her suppositories.  I never leave the house without these, either, for the same reason as mentioned above.

6.  Bibs:  LJ is teething, and is a messy eater.  I easily go through 15 bibs a day, so I always make sure to have 5-6 in my diaper bag.

7.  Boogin’ Head Pacifier Clip:  We have a couple of these, and they’re great!  We always clip one on LJ when we put her in the carseat, but I keep a spare clip in my diaper bag as well.

8.  iphone 4S:  This phone is my life-line.  I never leave home without it.  It takes such nice pictures that we’ve stopped carrying our digital camera around with us.  We take lots of videos of her too.

9.  Change of clothes:  I always make sure to have an entire outfit (onesie, shirt, pants, socks) with me at all times.  If we’re going somewhere in the evening, I’ll pack pajamas, too.

10. Playtex bottles, liners, nipples and extra formula:  I bought a can of formula that I keep in my diaper bag.  There have been a handful of times where we were running late, and I needed to make a bottle I didn’t think we’d need.  For that reason, I also keep a zip-up pouch in my diaper bag that has 10 tall liners, 10 small liners, 2 spare nipples and a measuring cup.

In addition to everything listed, I also carry with me at all times:

– A small cosmetic case, where I keep my personal belongings (asthma inhaler, lipstick, chapstick)
– Pen & paper
– Tissues
– My wallet
– Infant Gas Drops (haven’t had to use these in months, though)

Are you a diaper bag overpacker like me?


For those who have asked, this is my diaper bag when I packed it for the hospital.  It’s an oversized Coach diaper bag.

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