This is a quick and very easy project to make baby leggings from a pair of knee-high kids socks. We’re using cloth diapers and I’ve discovered that cloth fanatics loathe to cover up cute, colorful cloth diapers, making these little guys the perfect accessory. They’re great for chilly spring mornings when we’re out walking Feeney dog and baby Stroller is in the sling with his little legs hanging out. The ones I made before baby Stroller arrived are a little on the girly side, but I still use them…never in combination with the hot pink cloth diapers though!


one pair of knee socks sized approximately for a 4 year old (I used size L from crewcuts)
7-8″ piece of 1/2″ elastic
matching thread

Step one: cutting the socks
Stack the two socks evenly on top of each other and cut off the toe and heel gusset. You will use the center foot portion, which should be about 3″ long, and the leg.

Step two: sewing the elastic
Pin the 7″ piece of elastic in a ring with 1″ overlapping, making sure not to twist the elastic. If your baby has extra chunky ankles, then use a bit longer piece of elastic. Sew closed with a wide, long zigzag stitch.

Step three: assembling the cuff
Turn the 3″ foot portion of your sock inside out and slide it onto the leg portion until the opening edges meet, right sides facing. Slip the elastic ring you made in step two about an inch from your opening, just enough so your sewing needle won’t catch it when your secure the seam.

Step four: pinning the legging cuff
Fold the foot piece over the elastic, meeting all the cut ends together. Pin in place.

another view looking into the legging:

Step five: sewing the cuff
Using a wide, long zigzag stitch carefully sew around the entire cuff making sure to catch all three layers of fabric and not to catch the elastic.

Voila, baby leggings!

The original cuff at the top will go around the baby’s thighs, and the new cuff that you added goes around their little ankles, keeping the leggings from slipping over the baby’s feet.

I’m not so sure about these purple leggings, mom.

However, on a chilly day, pulling the elastic cuff down over those little feet during play time isn’t a bad idea at all!