I loved all the newborn essentials posts that Mrs. Hopscotch, Tic Tac Toe and Wagon did because it’s tough to know what you’ll really need those first couple of months. Olive is now 7 months old, so I’ve pulled together a list of the 15 products that I’ve pretty much used every single day since she was born!


I know there are only 14 listed on this guide, but I didn’t include an image of the pumping bra in #7 that’s listed below since it wasn’t a cute picture.

1) Motorola Video Monitor – A video monitor is a necessity for us because we can’t hear Olive unless she’s crying at the top of her lungs. We even have a second camera for Charlie’s room. It has also come in handy while we’ve been allowing her to take naps with a lovey.

2) Burp Cloths – We’ve used these Gerber Prefold Diapers as burp cloths with Charlie and now Olive. It’s a bib, a burp cloth, and now Olive’s lovey!

3) Marpac White Noise Machine – This is my #1 can’t live without item, especially if you have two kids. I’ve heard that you should let your child get used to sleeping with a lot of noise, but that never worked for Olive. She regularly gets woken up by Charlie and his loud little feet and voice. We use this white noise machine in addition to this white noise app on an old iphone at the same time! Having white noise on your phone is also great for travel. We’ve used this app on planes, in hotels, and at grandma’s house!

4) Lamp dimmer – This simple gizmo allows you to adjust your lamp as bright or as dim as you need it. It’s great for dimming the lights during storytime before naps as a sleep cue, and when you need just a little bit of light in the middle of the night. I like using this much better than a night light.

5) Thermometer/Hygrometer – I’m obsessed with checking the temperature in Olive’s room to make sure she’s not too hot or cold. I used this every single day with Charlie, and continue to do so with Olive. The hygrometer also helps me monitor the humidity level in the room when I’m running the humidifier.

6) Swaddleme – We used this every day until we weaned Olive cold turkey at 4 months. It definitely helped her sleep better as a newborn. Out of all the swaddle blankets we tried, this was my favorite.

7) Medela In Style Pump – I started pumping when I was in the hospital since Olive had to spend a lot of extra time there under the warmer and getting photo therapy for jaundice. I couldn’t live without a double electric pump! Hands-free Pumping Bra (not pictured) – I could not live without my hands-free pumping bra. It enables me to work while pumping, saving 15 precious minutes that I’d have to spend holding the pump.

8) Boppy – A lot of moms get by without using a nursing pillow, but I couldn’t live without mine! At 8 months I still use it multiple times a day, every day.

9) BabyBjorn Bouncer – I vastly prefer this bouncer to the Fisher Price bouncer we had for Charlie because it has three different height settings, so Olive is still able to use this at 7 1/2 months while she’s outgrown her Fisher Price bouncer. I need a place that I can put her down, especially in the mornings when I’m packing Charlie’s lunch, so Olive is in this thing multiple times a day. It has a high weight limit, and Charlie can even sit in this!

10) Footed Rompers – Once the belly button falls off, it’s easiest to dress your baby in footed rompers. No need to worry about matching tops and bottoms or socks that stay on. And there is no difference between playwear and sleepwear for newborns who sleep around the clock.

11) Tiny Love Take-Along Arch – Even though Olive plays with this toy every single day, she still loves it. It detaches easily so we move it back and forth from her stroller, car seat, and bouncer. We also hang additional toys off off it with these toy leashes or links, which works better than attaching toys with leashes to the stroller where they can hang off the side and get dirty.

12) Aden and Anais Muslin Wraps – Since Olive was born in the winter, we used to use the Swaddleme above, and then swaddled her again in an Aden & Anais blanket. We still use these every day as an extra layer of warmth in the stroller, a sun shield (keep a hair clip in your diaper bag to attach the blanket to the stroller), as a nursing cover (I don’t bother with a nursing cover anymore and use this instead), and for tummy time (it’s great on the hardwood floor because it enables her to practice crawling by scooting herself around on the blanket).

13) First Years Tub with Sling – We’ve used this bath tub every day since Olive came home. The sling let us bathe her in it even when she was teeny tiny, but any infant bathtub will work just fine.

14) Bugaboo Bee – Olive doesn’t love being worn too much, so she’s usually in her stroller when we’re out and about. The main reason we got this stroller was because it allows baby to face you, and Olive loves looking at our face.

What are some of your most used baby products?