Every magician needs a wand and every little one needs a few accessories to accent their imagination. Just a few goodies here and there really can help them become a superhero/princess/magician. You too can become the great Mom-dini and turn simple floral wire into a magic wand for your little one.


You will need:

floral wire (16 gauge)
needle-nose pliers
wood dowel
sand paper

Cut and straighten a 3.5 foot long piece of floral wire. Floral wire is found in the floral section of the craft store — the aisle with the green styrofoam forms and wreath accessories. Use the wire cutter inside the needle-nose pliers. Never knew that was there before, did you? I learned that recently too! Using the sand paper, sand both ends smooth. We don’t want any sharp edges.

Holding one end of the wire on the wood dowel, about 4-5 inches down, gently wrap the wire around the dowel.  Gently pull the wire handle off the dowel, twisting the dowel if you get stuck. Don’t pull too hard or it will compact the loops.  Using the pliers, gently curve the end of the wire in towards the center of the handle at the bottom.

At the other end, use the pliers to gently curve the wire around in a spiral. The end should be in the center. Straighten the length of the wire and voila!

Abracadabra, a simple little dress-up toy to spark their imagination.

This is a perfect simple wand design that works for boys and girls. And it makes a great party favor. Let me know if you want my simple cape design, too! I made this one for Hunter’s SkippyJon Jones costume last Halloween and it was super easy.

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