I fell in love with these DIY sequin heart headbands photographer, mother of two and craft extraordinaire Sarah K. Chen created for her daughter, so I asked her to share a tutorial for them on Hellobee!


Here’s a quick and easy tutorial to make a sequined heart headband for your little one (or yourself!).



– Sequin string. I got mine for $1.50 at Daiso, but you can also find them at Joanns. It’s best if the sequins are flat.
– Coordinating felt for the backing.
– 1/4″ Elastic. My baby has dark hair so I prefer black elastic. You can play around and use fun colors or thicker foldover elastic if that’s what you already have on hand.
– Scissors.
– Hot glue gun.


Cut out your two hearts. You can draw and then cut out a heart from a sheet of paper first and then trace it onto your felt.

Cut a length of elastic to fit your child’s head. If you can’t measure baby’s head you can try using these measurements, but it’s best to measure if you can.

Newborn: 12″
0-6 Months: 13″
6-12 Months: 14″
12-18 Months: 16″
2-5 Years: 17″
Adult: 18″

Glue the elastic ends on to the heart making sure the elastic is not twisted.

Glue the second heart on top of the first to sandwich the elastic between.

Working a section at a time, carefully apply a thin line of glue at the outer edge of the felt heart and then lay your sequin on top and carefully (don’t burn yourself!) press into place with your fingernail. I let the sequin overhang the edge of the felt a bit so that the backing is hidden.

You’re going to keep adding a line of glue and work your sequin around the heart in a spiral so that you don’t have to cut the string until you’re done.

When you get to the very end, apply glue and press down your sequin string and make note which sequin is the last piece glued on. Once the glue has cooled, take your scissors and carefully snip the unglued sequin off. Or if you have a tiny pair of cuticle scissors, you can cut the string after the last sequin that’s glued on.

Ta Da!