Summer is in full-swing, and most kids are out of school for the summer! Whether you have a road trip planned, or extra time on your hands to entertain the little ones, a magnetic chalkboard may come in handy.

This magnetic chalkboard tray is very simple to make, and will give hours of entertainment to your little ones!


You’ll need to gather a few supplies.

1) Metal Tray (I picked mine up at a local dollar store)
2) Chalk
3) Chalkboard Spray Paint (found at craft stores or Walmart)

In a well ventilated area, place your tray on some cardboard or paper.  Spray the tray evenly until well coated.  Allow to dry completely.  This may take at least 20-40 minutes.

After one side has dried, you can turn it over and spray the other side.  Allow to dry completely.

Grab your favorite magnets and chalk, and let your kids get to it!

This tray is great for travel, because it can fit in your child’s lap, and they can play with their favorite magnetic pieces, practice writing with the chalk, or use it to hold their favorite toys while on-the-go!

by Caroline of Armelle Blog