Are you perplexed on how to decorate your little one’s highchair for her very first birthday? This little felt bunting is just the trick to have you looking like mom of the year. Did I mention there is no sewing involved and you can customize it to match your decor? This bunting is a keepsake that you can pull out every year. Think of how fun it would be to have your child hold this up or use it somewhere in the party. A sixteen-year old holding this little string of fun pennants up? How big she would look? It makes my mommy heart go all pitter patter; I’m a total sucker for this kind of stuff.


You will need:

– felt
– double sided adhesive sheets
– rotary cutting tool and mat
– ruler
– twine or ribbon
– scissors

1) Fold each adhesive sheet in half and cut on the fold. 2) Peel backing off and attach to one side of a piece of felt. Use additional sheets as needed to cover the entire half of the felt. 3) Fold the felt in half lengthwise and line up on the grid of the cutting mat. Line up your ruler with the corner and angle down to 1.5″ over. Cut with a rotary cutter. Now position the ruler from that point up to 3″ from the starting corner, this is 1.5″ over.  4) Cut. Repeat cutting a zigzag pattern, making 3″ wide triangles.  Each piece of felt will make 4 folded pennants and 3 cut sets. For this garland we will only be using the folded pennants, but feel free to incorporate the others into more garland or cake toppers  for your party.

Next, take your twine and measure the distance on your high chair from where you will tie it on, and add one foot to each side for tying. Center your string and plan out your color patterns.

Starting with the first pennant, center the string on the center of the diamond. Peel off the backing. Gently fold over the top to the adhesive layer, carefully lining up the edges. Press firmly with your whole hand to secure. Continue with the rest of the pennants until you have covered the desired distance for your highchair.

Once you have finished it, hang and enjoy.  You might need a small piece of double stick tape behind a few pennants to make the garland hang how you want on the tray.  If your tray comes off, you might want to tape the garland on the underside of the tray, so you don’t have to fuss with it during the party.

How are you planning to celebrate your little one’s next birthday? May this be the first of many happy birthdays for you and your little one!

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