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How Our Two Year Old Learned to Share

Charlie has been developing a growing problem with sharing over the past year. He’s always been great at sharing his food, mostly because he doesn’t like to eat. But sharing his possessions was another story, especially after he became hyper-aware of ownership: for as long as I can remember, he’d refer to my drink as […]

Sienna’s Nursery Reveal

When I found out I was having a girl, you can only begin to imagine my excitement. I would have my boy and now my girl — how perfect! My mind immediately started going in a million directions as to what I would do for the nursery. I purchased a pair of handmade Joyfolie shoes and that sparked […]


My Biggest Registry Regrets

In a previous post, I talked about my dream registry and the items I would’ve wanted had I been given the chance to “do over” my original registry.  That ultimate baby registry stemmed from a few of my own regrets when I initially registered.  Granted, we all know every baby is so different and what […]

Lollipop Balloons

I created some candy lights for Christmas last year, and thought these lollipop balloons would be a perfect pairing. They could also be used for a birthday party. And like all the best DIYs, these are a cinch to make and could even be made by kids.


Our Baby Book

I spent months searching for the perfect baby book.  I looked around in specialty shops and baby stores, but all their books were the same.  They left little room for journaling and photos, and only had space to update “big” things like the birth date, time, the day baby took her first step.  Like my […]

NurtureShock: “The Inverse Power of Praise”

Do we coddle our children with excessive praise? It’s a question that has attracted a lot of attention lately, especially since teacher David McCullough’s graduation speech (summarized here by Mrs. Cowgirl) made a splash on the web. It’s also a question raised in the first chapter of “NurtureShock” by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman, a […]


10 Stylishly Small Shoulder Bags

It’s really hard to carry a purse when you’re already toting a diaper bag. Sure there is usually a bit of space in there for mom too, but every once in a while it’s nice to carry something that’s just yours, am I right? There are so many stylish diaper bags out there — for […]

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