Toddler Girl is at that very fun stage where it seems like she’s learning something new every day.  We are big into books, and while story and art rate above educational value to me, it’s fun to find books that have all three!  Here are six of our favourite books that help kids learn:


1) Moo, Baa, Lalala.  We are big Sandra Boynton fans, and nearly all her books are educational (and hilarious).  This one is all about animal noises, which Toddler Girl was learning before proper words!  It’s funny, it rhymes and it’s very short which made it a favourite when she was too busy bouncing off the bed to sit still and read.

2) Hippos Go Beserk.  I had to pick just one more Sandra Boynton (I think we have eight).  This one is a counting book.  I bought it just from the title — who could resist the hippos?

3) Dinosaur vs. The Potty is very cute.  The Dinosaur faces off with many obstacles such as playing in the sprinkler, drinking lemonade and splashing in puddles without having to use the potty.  Who will win?  Dinosaur or the Potty?  We are getting geared up for potty training so I had to buy it, even though I had sworn to stop buying board books).  Expect lots of roaring around the house.

4) Chicka Chicka Boom Boom teaches the alphabet by using the letters as story characters.  Toddler Girl begs to read “Chick Boom!”

5) The Color Kittens is by the same author as Goodnight Moon (Margaret Wise Brown), and is about mixing colours to get other colours.  I got it from a thrift store on a whim and it is one of my absolute favourite kids’ books.  The illustrations are great, and it takes a strange trippy turn into a dream sequence that I find really amusing.

6) Little Pea is Toddler Girl’s other current favourite.  She can recite about half of the words, even the ones she doesn’t quite get (she thinks the pea rolls down hills “soupy fast”).  This has something for everyone: colours, days of the week, counting, eat your veggies, and mommy snuggles.

Are you a fan of any of these books and authors?