I’d heard good things about Wittlebee’s $39.99 monthly children’s clothing subscription service, and when Oh! Apostrophe blogged about it (you can see the box of toddler boy clothes she received), I finally decided to bite the bullet and sign up for Olive. We got our first box the same week that I signed up!


Wittlebee’s clothes focus on basics like t-shirts, dresses, and solid color items from newborn to 5T. We received 8 pieces, but unfortunately from July on, all boxes will contain 6 pieces. This is what was inside:

– 2 onesies – 1 Laughing Giraffe pink polka dot onesie, 1 American Apparel pink onesie
– 2 shorts – 1 J. Khaki star pattern shorts, 1 Baby Togs pink swirl shorts
– 1 striped Baby Togs t-shirt – tags attached say $24
– 1 Calvin Klein pink eyelet romper – tags attached say $38
– 1 Vitamin Kids blue dress
– 1 Vitamin Kids white polka dot leggings

When you sign up, you fill out a multiple-choice style profile for your child so they can specifically tailor each box:

– favorite clothing styles (Princess, Diva, Hipster, Geek Girl, Mix and Match for a girl)
– 2 graphics you like (hearts, polka dots, animals, etc.)
– 3 favorite colors
– articles of clothing you most need right now
– articles of clothing you don’t want to receive

You can also leave specific style notes, or even have a stylist contact you over the phone. I should have provided a lot more notes because all I requested was summer rompers, and we did receive one! The star shorts and the flower pattern on the striped shirt are not really my style, but I think Olive will still look cute in everything. There was a little too much pink in the box, but to be fair I did select it as one of Olive’s favorite colors. Judging from what I’ve read online, I think I would have received a box more in line with my preferences if I’d been more thorough and specific in my style profile.

I’ve since edited my style profile to omit the color pink and anything too princessy, and requested nonbaby-ish clothes with modern prints like stripes, polka dots, gingham, and whimsical illustrations. I even talked to a customer service rep who asked me detailed questions like whether I wanted licensed/unlicensed characters, ruffles, sequins, animal print, etc. so that my style profile is much more thorough. I’ve seen some really cute things in other people’s Wittlebee boxes, so I’m excited to see what they’ll send in July’s box with my updated profile. I may even switch my account to Charlie after this month so I can check out boy clothes — I actually think the boy clothes tend to be cuter. Besides… Charlie definitely needs clothes more than Olive!

6 articles of clothing at $40 comes out to $6.67 per piece. You can find clothes that are more inexpensive than that and depending on your shopping style, the monthly subscription might not be worth it for some. But the convenience and time saved shopping is going to be worth it to a lot of people. Plus there’s nothing more fun than getting a monthly surprise in the mail! I’d definitely give a subscription as a gift, especially for the first 6 months when babies grow so fast.


If you’re interested in signing up for Wittlebee, here are a couple of tips I learned from my experience!

– Don’t be shy about leaving lots of notes on your style preferences for things you want and don’t want including specific characters, prints, colors, styles, logos, slogans, etc.

– I spoke to a customer service rep and she told me that when you select “mix and match” as your favorite clothing style, you tend to get more basics and solids. I had previously selected hipster and preppy, but changed my profile to mix and match because I really am looking for solids and basics to supplement the fun clothes I already buy for Olive.

– From what I’ve seen online, some well-known brands have been included in boxes: Tea, Gap, Old Navy, Crazy 8, Jazzy Toes, Carters, Kenneth Cole, Hanna Anderson, Espirit, Paul Frank, Gymboree, but inventory is always changing.

– You can put your subscription on hold for a couple of months if you currently have enough clothes.

– If you want to see more sample boxes and ideas on what you want to include or omit in your style profile, check out Wittlebee’s Pinterest page where they have lots of pictures from real life customers of their boxes.

– You may also be able to catch a sale if you like Wittlebee on Facebook.

– They have great customer service and you can return anything that doesn’t fit, or the entire box if you’re unsatisfied. The CEO of the company even has his cell phone number printed on the inside of the box so that you can text him directly!

– You can use my referral code for $10 off your first box if you’d like to sign up. Hellobee has no affiliation with Wittlebee (although they do have a cute name!) and I paid for my subscription.

Would you sign up for a monthly clothing subscription service like Wittlebee?