I am a fan of simple toys for my children. With all of the toys and electronics available nowadays, it is nice to get back to the basics, and watch my children play with toys like wooden blocks that have been around forever. We decided it would be fun to paint some blocks that are not only fun to play with, but also pretty to look at!


You’ll need to gather a few supplies to make your own custom colored wooden blocks.

1) Plain wooden blocks (found at craft stores in the wood section)
2) Craft Paint (in colors of your choice; I used neons)
3) Foam Paint Brush

Recruit your little helpers and paint your wooden blocks.  It is best to paint three sides at a time, set them down and let them dry, then finish the rest of the sides.  (Tip: The colors will turn out brighter if you add a coat of white primer to the blocks first.)

Add several coats of paint to each block, and allow to dry for 30 minutes to an hour.

After drying, let your little ones have fun building with their new blocks!

They would be perfect to pack in an activity bag in case you need something to entertain children on-the-go.

They’ll be so proud to help build a tower with blocks they painted!

by Caroline of Armelle Blog