This past Saturday, Mr. Bee and I took Charlie and Olive on an all-day outing. While Olive took her morning nap, I went about packing all the things we’d need for the day, including a picnic lunch, and it took me a full hour! Every weekend I find myself scrambling to make sure that we have everything we need in our diaper bag and stroller before we go out the door, because you need a lot of gear when you have two kids. Invariably I always forget at least one thing because we use a different stroller and diaper bag on the weekends.

To streamline the process, I decided to create a Diaper Bag Packing Checklist to stick in my Home Management Binder (an ongoing project… I’m obsessed!). This will make sure that I don’t forget anything anymore!

A while back I saw this great idea on Pinterest where you premake bags of kid items organized by category and placed into clear bags. I already do this for our changing items and first aid kit with ziploc bags, but I think I’m going to have to create a restaurant bag that contains disposable placemats, as well as some small toys to keep Charlie and Olive entertained. Then when we’re going out to eat, I can just grab the restaurant bag and go.

This is another smart idea I saw on Pinterest — create premade go bags with the absolute essentials like a diaper, wipes, and onesie. Since we’re usually a couple of blocks from home and only use a diaper bag on the weekends, I don’t think we’d need to do this. But I think it might be a time saver when making short trips or quickly restocking a diaper bag.

Do you have a method for keeping your diaper bag organized and stocked?

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