A field of balloons brings an instant party punch for little time and effort. Using fishing line, kitchen skewers and small rubber bands, you can stake balloons in the ground to give them a gorgeous vision of floating through the air.


To design the balloon display, wrap a small rubber band around each kitchen skewer. Then tie the helium-filled balloons with fishing line. Lastly thread and tie the fishing line to the balloons (you can do all of this ahead of time).

When you are ready to set up, simply stick the kitchen skewers into the ground and watch your balloons float effortlessly throughout your party space.

Be sure to watch younger children carefully if they will be running through the balloons, as long strings can be a potential hazard.

This project would be perfect to line the back of a party, especially if your yard has a raised bed of sorts. It will provide a gorgeous backdrop, and be out of the little ones’ running path.

Project design + photography by Victoria Hudgins