Please welcome the latest diy contributor to Hellobee, the amazingly talented photographer, crafter, and mom Kaley Ann!


Do you ever feel like you need a whole bag of toys to keep your little one occupied while you are on an airplane, at a restaurant, or in the doctor’s waiting room?  Then even if you do have a bag of toys, the little ones end up wanting your wallet anyway?

There is a solution, and it is so easy.  Give your little ones a wallet of their very own filled with all sorts of activities and treasures to keep them busy in any situation.  Change it up frequently, and your activity wallet will be never ending!


Here’s what you will need to build your own activity wallet:

-A wallet
I used one of my old wallets, but if you don’t have any extras, check thrift stores for cheap options – try to choose one that has lots of compartments, snaps, zippers, etc. and will hold a lot of treasures
-A personalized Hellobee Printable ID Card
This little template is so cute and my daughter loves having her very own ID!  We used a silly picture of her that makes her laugh every time.
-Age-appropriate activities and treasures for your child to discover
This can be anything from dollar store finds, to scraps of paper.  All of my treasures are things that we have gotten for free as prizes or samples, or items I have rescued from the garbage or recycling bins.  If you call them treasures, the kids will like them more!  For fun activity ideas, be sure to check Pinterest.


1. Start with an empty, clean wallet.
2. Keep adding treasures to each pocket and compartment of the wallet until it is full.
3. Throw it in your purse or diaper bag for the next time your little one needs to be entertained.

Thats it!

Everything that I included in our activity wallet were things that we had around the house, which brings the grand total for this project to $0.  My favorite kind of project!

Clockwise from top left:
-various scraps of paper to color and write on
-a store rewards cards (I used my old Anthro card since her favorite color is yellow)
Hellobee Printable ID Card
-a caterpillar taken off of one of her birthday cards
-In’N’Out stickers
-a mini coloring book
-a fun clothing tag, unique business cards, and other packaging bits
-a ribbon
-DIY matching game
-dry-erase letter cards
-a dollar bill
-an old wallet
-extra passport photos of mom and dad
-a ribbon

All of these treasures are a huge hit with my daughter, who just turned 3.  I try to replenish the wallet every few weeks, depending on how often we use it. Every time we pull it out she finds surprises in every pocket!  The activity wallet can be used for any age, as long as the treasures and activities included are age-appropriate.

So look around your house, gather your treasures and make your activity wallet today.  You won’t need to carry anything else!