I think the key to a successful party is good food, good company and a fun activity. Oftentimes the activity at a baby shower is opening gifts, but I like to work in time to do a little something more. It gives guests an opportunity to mingle and catch-up.

One of my favorite baby showers I threw was a onesie decorating party. We shared delicious food and drink and then when everyone was finishing up their lunch, I brought out the supplies to decorate the plain white onesies hanging from a clothes line in the dining room.


Of the 15 guests, we had some very artistic folks and some who wouldn’t know which end was up on a paint brush, so I like to make sure to have supplies that will make the activity appeal to everyone.

Buy 2-3 white onesies per guest (I prefer Carter’s) in both short and long sleeves ranging from sizes 3m – 24m and wash and machine dry to pre-shrink them all before the party. For the less crafty, order a couple dozen iron-on appliques from an etsy seller.  For the more crafty offer cups full of fabric markers, a basket of foam stamps and fabric paint, a rainbow of embroidery floss and materials to make custom appliques.

A few days before the party, use the fabric dye to dye a few of the onesies. I love the rich color of Dylon’s dye and have much better luck with it than other brands. Just make sure to read the directions – one packet of Dylon should be enough for 4-5 onesies.

On the day of the party lay out all your supplies, fill a few cups with fresh water, set out fabric scissors and embroidery needles and set up an ironing board where the iron won’t get knocked over. Put applique ironing instructions near the board (most call for a dry, hot iron) and set out a few books for ideas, if you have them. When it’s time to decorate onesies, give your guests a tour of the supplies, offer them a comfortable place to sit and watch the creative juices flow!

A simple iron-on applique looks great on its own, or can be the starting point for more creative embellishment with embroidery floss or fabric markers. The foam stamps can be painted with fabric paint and then stamped onto the onesies and embellished.

I had so much fun decorating onesies with my girlfriends at the shower I threw, I decided to make these onesies for baby S before he was born by painting the stamps with fabric paint, stamping the onesies, then using embroidery floss to add detail. My only regret is only making them in 3 month size. I wish I had more now that I’m short on free time!

As your guests finish their works of art, hang the onesies back up on the clothes line. After an hour, or whenever your guests start to lose momentum, you can sit back and look at each others’ handiwork while the mom-to-be opens her gifts.

Have you been to a baby shower with a crafty activity lately?